With the Intention of Love

Throughout the day, I like to repeat things to myself that I really want to resonate in my  mind and heart. Little reminders of the way I want to be.

Lately, this one has been in the front of my mind— act with the intention of love and watch how things change.

This particular little mantra popped into my head when i was in traffic one night and decided to let some cars go in front of me that had been waiting for awhile. I usually am pretty impatient when I drive— which is something I have to consciously force myself to be better about daily— so I typically would have been irritated at the traffic and never would have considered letting more people get in my way.

This particular night though, I just let these people in front of me without the slightest negative thought or feeling of irritation, and then I noticed what I had done. “I love others,” I thought, “so why wouldn’t I want to help them out the same way I would help myself out?”— quite the abnormal thought to inhabit my mind while sitting in traffic on my way home, to say the least. But still I thought, I am full of love. Then the phrase came into my mind: act with the intention of love and watch how things change.

Such a simple moment but such a purposeful concept. Like the rest of my favorite concepts, this perspective can literally be applied to anything, which is so much more amazing and significant than I can explain.

patient, loving, kind, gentle

Let’s start with school + academics:

If you truly love where you are at, you love your mind, and you love your ability to learn, then academics will appear as a whole new world of opportunities. Suddenly, every time you study becomes a chance to fill up your mind, learning new things with each passing moment. It’s not a task you have to complete or an allotment of time you must endure, but an opportunity to love your mind enough to help it grow + expand by bringing knowledge in.

Homework becomes an opportunity to accomplish something that will add to your knowledge. It’s not an obligation anymore. When looking through the perspective of love, every learning opportunity is a huge blessing, and simply a happy moment.

all good things

Next, work:

If you highlight the qualities you love about yourself, work can be the perfect time to display those. For example, I love my immense passion and my hard working mindset. When I look at work through the perspective of love, thinking about how i love those qualities in myself— and therefore want to use them— work becomes an opportunity to do that; an outlet for my love.

If you see work as work, you will not be happy and your days will drag on. If you see it as a part of your day in which you can practice love— both of yourself and those who you impact— things start to change a lot.

all good

Next, health (food + exercise):

Health can seem like a daunting category of life. With so much momentum in the health-world right now, it can seem impossible to ever keep up or measure up.

If you use your perspective of love when it comes to cooking and eating, thinking about how much you love your body and all the things it does for you, and how much you love the earth and the food it provides us to nourish ourselves, eating healthy becomes totally different. Not a competition. Not a task. Simply an utter act of love.

It’s an opportunity to thank the earth for what it provides us, and to thank our bodies for what they do for us by giving them nourishment.

When it comes to exercising, instead of seeing it as something you have to do, think about how much you love your ability to move and be active. Think about how much you love the feeling of strength, empowerment, and renewal after a good workout, or just any kind of movement.

When you see it as an opportunity to love your ability and love the mood + mindset that you can bring on by working out, things change drastically.

Next, controversy:

When it comes to arguments and controversy, it can be icky. No one truly loves fighting or arguing (okay maybe some people, but very rarely). When you look at people as things you love, you start to see controversy as just a bump in the road of the relationship.

When fighting with my best friend, I am not happy, but i see it as simply the opposite of the side of our friendship that I love, and i know that i can’t have that side without the side of controversy.

You will treat people much different once you realize that controversy is just something we have to work to wipe away to get to the peaceful and harmonic state of relationships that we all love.

Lastly, the very simplest of things (i.e. driving, cleaning):

When looking through the lense of love, you will drive with more care and patience when thinking of yourself and others with love. You will clean a little better and a little less forcefully when you start thinking about how you love your space and you love the calmness you have when everything is clean and organized.

immense love

Love converts the smallest of tasks to extensions of the love we have inside us; love for things and people around us and most importantly, ourselves. A simple view to apply to your daily life, and suddenly everything seems different— warmer, brighter, more hopeful.

It’s crazy to think that your whole perspective on life in it’s entirety can change just like that. Just by understanding a concept.

But love yourself enough to try.

Act with the intention of love, and watch how things change.




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